A Day at the Races (Bird Hunting)

It was forty two at sunup in blue grouse country.  What a great way to start the day.  Blue sky. Sunshine.  Endless mountain views.  A little dampness from yesterday's rain. The hooded sweatshirt felt good.  Early autumn in Montana……...

The girls were a little nutty this morning. But, it was their first day on wild birds this season. They  eventually settled down.  Each found and pointed birds.  Maggie and Addie got retrieves.

Emma had a run in with a stick, and required some emergency field repairs before being stapled together at home.

Brittany with lacerated shoulder

Brittany retrieving a blue grouse

Brittany retrieving a blue grouse

Blue grouse and twenty gauge shotgun

We called it a day by two.  Jo had her birds.  I'm sure the dogs would have hunted longer, but the humans were through.  Besides, we still had mushrooms to pick.