The State of the Plum

It's been a year since I started this little blog.  I'm still not sure why.  Blogging kind of takes on a life of its own.  It is satisfying.  One thing that I've learned is that anybody can do it.  It does take a little effort, time too, in order to cobble a post together.

That very first post was about steelhead run timing as it relates to the ripening of our plum tree. What a coincidence, the fruit ripen at the same time each year.  Holy cow, the steelhead show up about the same time too!  It's kind of like Groundhog day. Anyway, there must be a lot of folks clamoring to find a way to predict steelhead run timing.  The post had a lot of hits.

Since that first post I've learned that steelhead generate a lot of interest. Hiking, locally in southwest Montana, seems to be popular too.  Golden trout, bird dogs, hunting in Alaska and arctic char, same thing.  What people in Latvia find interesting about this blog is beyond me.

So, yes, the plums are ripening.  Not quite as many on the tree as last year, but a good crop nonetheless.  The dam counts on the Columbia River are starting to look up too.  A few more fish trickle over Bonneville Dam each day.  For a steelheader, happiness is only a pull away.  It's almost time to fish!


  1. Happy blog anniversary, Lester! I know why someone in Latvia would want to read your is special!

    Your purple plums are beautiful. We have a golden plum in our front yard that had so many plums this year that some still dried on the branches after sharing them up and down the street. The guy next door is chef at the monastery four miles away and he had bags full that he turned into cold plum soup. I should get the recipe. :)

    1. Hi Lydia…thanks for the compliment! You live in a more plum friendly environment, ours have yet to ripen. They're purple, but still hard and have to sweeten. It hasn't kept the dogs from snagging any fruit within jumping height though. Maybe in another week or so we'll sample the stragglers.

      You've mentioned the chef before. Cold plum soup? Mom used to make plum dumplings. Very labor intensive. But…one of the best things to ever hit a dinner plate!


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