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A Day in the Crazies

What started out as a short backpack trip ended up as a monumental day hike with a full pack.  I hit the road at dark-thirty, drove to the Big Timber Creek Trailhead and was hiking before 7 a.m.  I usually try to be on the trail even earlier in order to take advantage of the morning coolness.

It's been six, maybe more years since I've last hiked this area.  The walk along the creek is always nice. A few miles up the drainage the trail splits.  One trail continues to the Twin Lakes and up over the top.  The other trail heads up to and ends at Blue, Thunder and Granite lakes.  Pear and Druckmiller Lakes lie beyond and require a little bushwhacking.
The hike went well until I arrived at Granite Lake.  I goofed and took a detour (translation…..went up the wrong draw).  It wasn't until I was looking at a low pass in one direction and Granite Peak in the other, that I realized that there were no fish in my future if I continued on my present course.  It was still early so I dr…

MHGDC Fun Trial

From the Missouri Headwaters Gun Dog Club fun trial.  Lots of photos from a beautiful summer Saturday in Montana.  Friends, dogs, fun.  I'll just let the photos tell the story….

Just click on the first image…….