The Dilemma

Here's a little problem.  For most of my fishing career I'd fished without a net.  Why?  Heck, I didn't think that I needed one.  My attitude towards landing fish was…."I'll just grab 'em".  Well, even little fish have quite a bit of spunk in them.  Just when I'd be ready to "grab 'em", they would dart away. Four, five, six times.  That's a lot of spunk.  Frustrating for the fisherman, probably for the fish too. Not to mention the needless tiring, especially when the process could be expedited.

I started spring creek fishing a couple of years ago.  In a compassionate, conservation minded moment, I decided that it was time for a change.  Actually, I got tired of not being able to land fish that were already at hand.  So, I invested in a net.  Good move.  Get them close, one scoop, done. No more of this darting away business.

Now the problem.  See if you can figure it out.

Small fish from our mountain creeklets pose little problem.  Note how nice they fit into the net.  Now, Missouri River fish?  Well, that's another issue.  They don't like being netted.  Once in the net, they don't care to stay netted either.  They keep flopping out.  Maybe it's being folded in half that doesn't suit them.

So, what's an angler to do?  The obvious solution is to fish for the little ones.  But, as they say "Even a blind hog (maybe it's a squirrel) finds an acorn once in a while".  The above non-photoshopped photo clearly shows that even I get the occasional fish that exceeds ten inches. Perhaps a bigger net is in my future.