Aspen catkin

At last we've entered the days of seasonal tease.  Spring, with all it's daily vagaries.  One day stunningly beautiful, sixty degrees, warm to the face.  The next elicits a response of…"Are you kidding?"  Snow, blow, temperatures plummeting into the teens.  Yes, spring in Montana.  Wonderful.

Lone red-winged blackbird in cattails on DePuy Spring Creek

The last stretch off from work was fruitful from the standpoint of getting out and poking around.  I went five for seven as regards days fished to days off.  Not a bad average for someone swinging a bat or wielding a fly rod. 

The pontoon emerged from it's bag in the garage and made it's maiden voyage of the year.  I was relieved to find that it still held air and had not acquired any new leaks.  An overcast day, punctuated with the occasional squall, made for pleasant floating conditions.  Midges? Yes!  Gobs.  Clusters. Truly something to behold.  Trout enthusiastically sipped the floating masses of bugs.  A short cast to a recent rise with a midge pupa was often rewarded with the swirling take of a pretty brown or rainbow.

Aufweis along a Montana River

Another day I learned, or rather re-learned the importance of fishing deep and adding more weight to a nymph rig.  I've never been much of a deep water nympher, but one Madison run just looked too fishy not to hold fish.  After the necessary adjustments I started to pick up fish regularly. 

A net and a rainbow trout tail


  1. Another beautiful post, Lester. I especially love this line, as it made me lean back in my chair and then envision your entire scene:
    Trout enthusiastically sipped the floating masses of bugs.

    1. Lydia, thank you. I wish that I could have captured the scene with a photo. But…it wasn't possible. There was a momentary stillness, the fish rising, the bugs, a peculiar light reflecting off of darkened clouds and onto the surface of the calm water. This set against a backdrop of distant mountains…..And oh yes, I was too busy trying to catch those darned fish!


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