Spey Haiku

Spey casting on the Missouri River

A new rod
like spring

Casts effortlessly
I do not
dang it

Downstream wind
upstream anchor

pea brained

I'll get it
Jedi dream

By way of explanation.  A new rod arrived from Bob Meiser this week.  Yesterday, Jo and I attended a spey clinic on the Missouri.  Thanks to John Arnold and Headhunters.  Inspiration from Lydia at Writerquake.  My attempt at haiku, or rather, senryu.  My apologies to the Japanese people.


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out!
    I love these! Had to read about senryu, as I was not familiar with that form....and did you ever hit the bulls-eye. Really marvelous, so enjoyable.

  2. You're most welcome. I'll have to study both forms further. Not sure if this, whatever it is, fits either completely. Still… it's fun to dabble.

  3. Nothing beats getting a new piece of gear in the mail. Its like Christmas and can inspire one to do (or write) great things. Nice piece!

  4. Joel, like Christmas, so true. The rod arrived days before heading up to the Missouri. I hope that some day my skill level will match the beauty of the rod. So glad you enjoyed the piece.


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