Fishing Vicariously

Got to the creek a little early.  Surprised to find anglers already signed in and fishing.  Today would be a busy day on the creek.

I promptly assumed my designated position next to the potbelly stove.  With sandwich toasting, I scratched out a few notes.  In the run outside the west window, rainbow trout busily tended to their spring duties.

A door slammed, a crunch of footsteps and the hut door opened.  Three more anglers. Introductions. Matt, Ed, Shawn. They wadered up and went on their way.  I did likewise, rigged up and headed downstream to find a spot.  Didn't get far.  Matt was hooked to a rainbow.  I dropped my rod and went into photo mode….for the rest of the day.  

Each fished their way.  Streamers, nymphs.  I learned a little something by watching and listening. By mid afternoon everyone was satisfied.  The fish gods had smiled on each.  I got a few photos and couldn't have been happier had I caught the fish myself.

Thanks guys, for sharing the day.

Angler casting on DePuy Spring Creek

Anglers spread throughout a run on DePuy Spring Creek

Netting a brown trout on DePuy Spring Creek

DePuy Spring Creek Brown Trout

Angler keeps a low profile while fighting a fish on DePuy Spring Creek

DePuy Spring Creek rainbow trout close-up

Angler fishing a nice pool on DePuy Spring Creek

Angler hooked up to a rainbow on DePuy Spring Creek

Releasing a rainbow trout on DePuy Spring Creek

Crouching angler on DePuy Spring Creek


  1. Those are spectacular images, Lester! Worthy of publication beyond your blog.....
    What beautiful fish!

    1. So glad you liked the photos. Like Rod Stewart said… every picture tells a story.

  2. Rod was right.
    Know what? This visit I paid attention to your descriptive writing and found it as rich as the photography!

  3. And the flip side. Often I'll have a story to tell, but I can't find the picture to tell it.


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