Easter Fun

First trip to the creek
Is there a fish in her future?

A new routine
more to learn
line control

Cast and mend  
A drag free drift

Beautiful morning
Stunning scenery
birds say spring

A shared day
Two happy campers

Fighting a trout on DePuy Spring Creek

A nice rainbow trout getting closer to netting - DePuy Spring Creek

Rainbow Trout on DePuy Spring Creek

Colorful Rainbow Trout in the Net on DePuy Spring Creek

Netting a Brown Trout on DePuy Spring Creek

Releasing a Brown Trout on DePuy Spring Creek

A beautiful DePuy Spring Creek Brown Trout about to be released

Jo and I went to DePuy's today.  What a great day for photography.  The fishing wasn't too bad either.


  1. You and Jo know how to make a perfect Easter day, that's for sure! Loved the poem, the pictures, the fish.

    1. Good morning Lydia. It really was a nice Easter, especially for Montana. Some years it's snow shovels, this year we needed sunscreen.


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