Bad weather, boredom, and St Patrick's Day

Today was a snow day, a good day for whiling away the hours inside.  While the corned beef bubbled away on the stove, I devoted hours to "improving" my blog.  Translation….I spent the day screwing around on the computer.  No matter, I'm happy with the way things turned out.

The slideshow has been upgraded. Captions have been added, along with the option of viewing larger images in a separate window.  I've also added a photo credits page of some of my published work. Spread out over the years, it amounts to more than a few photos.  Spread over the years, it's also not so many.  Good thing that I've got a day job.

Speaking of spelling, is it slideshow or slide show?  The spell checker on this program says two. Wiki says either.  My dictionary, neither.  There's no entry between slide rule (remember those?) and slide trombone.

Both "improvements" can be accessed by clicking the appropriate page tabs at the top of the blog.

By the way, it's Paddy not Patty.