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Easter Fun

First trip to the creek Is there a fish in her future? Please?
A new routine more to learn line control
Cast and mend   A drag free drift Fish!
Beautiful morning Stunning scenery birds say spring
A shared day Two happy campers Us

Jo and I went to DePuy's today.  What a great day for photography.  The fishing wasn't too bad either.

Mind, Body, Spirit

I went for a jog this morning. Just to get it done and out of the way so I could justify the rest of the day.  There was a time when I ran, a lot.  But, the persistent pavement pounding took a toll on my knees.  I eventually gave it up.  My exercise routine was eventually replaced with a ski machine (ok), an exercise bike (so-so), Bowflex and light free weights.  Better than nothing but mentally vacant. Last year, I bought a pair of running shoes.  Now, I run once, maybe twice a week, just for a little variety. Any more and my knees remind me of the past.  Given a choice, I prefer hiking, it's like an outdoor stair stepper with visual stimulation.

I took this quirky little test… to find out what I already knew... neither exists without the other
Are You Mind, Body, or Spirit?

You Are Body You're the type of person who doesn't feel good mentally unless you feel good physically.
Whenever you're feeling frustrated or depressed, you get moving. It does wonders for you.

You bel…

Bad weather, boredom, and St Patrick's Day

Today was a snow day, a good day for whiling away the hours inside.  While the corned beef bubbled away on the stove, I devoted hours to "improving" my blog.  Translation….I spent the day screwing around on the computer.  No matter, I'm happy with the way things turned out.

The slideshow has been upgraded. Captions have been added, along with the option of viewing larger images in a separate window.  I've also added a photo credits page of some of my published work. Spread out over the years, it amounts to more than a few photos.  Spread over the years, it's also not so many.  Good thing that I've got a day job.

Speaking of spelling, is it slideshow or slide show?  The spell checker on this program says two. Wiki says either.  My dictionary, neither.  There's no entry between slide rule (remember those?) and slide trombone.

Both "improvements" can be accessed by clicking the appropriate page tabs at the top of the blog.

By the way, it's Pa…


I fished last Saturday, really.  But, the fishing, as per usual for me, was secondary to all else that there was to see on the creek.

The day started overcast and turned into a diamond.  My nemesis, the wind, took the day off.  The fish, largely followed suit, but we managed to catch a few.  The vaunted blizzard hatch of blue-winged olives didn't materialize, but I finally saw some.  There were ducks, swans, eagles.  The snow had left the creek.  The mountains, brightly lit, were beyond glorious.  I smiled so much that I thought my face would crack.  It felt like spring.

It was a day to meet with an old friend.  Perhaps out of respect I should change that to a friend of long standing.  Buddies in college, with divergent lives, eventually drawn back together by a common interest in the outdoors. We get together, only once a year it seems.  Play catch up, reminisce. We've shared days, camps, wild country.  Alaska, the Sun River, Beartooth Mountains, this little spring creek.  T…

Fishing Vicariously

Got to the creek a little early.  Surprised to find anglers already signed in and fishing.  Today would be a busy day on the creek.

I promptly assumed my designated position next to the potbelly stove.  With sandwich toasting, I scratched out a few notes.  In the run outside the west window, rainbow trout busily tended to their spring duties.

A door slammed, a crunch of footsteps and the hut door opened.  Three more anglers. Introductions. Matt, Ed, Shawn. They wadered up and went on their way.  I did likewise, rigged up and headed downstream to find a spot.  Didn't get far.  Matt was hooked to a rainbow.  I dropped my rod and went into photo mode….for the rest of the day.  

Each fished their way.  Streamers, nymphs.  I learned a little something by watching and listening. By mid afternoon everyone was satisfied.  The fish gods had smiled on each.  I got a few photos and couldn't have been happier had I caught the fish myself.

Thanks guys, for sharing the day.

Spey Haiku

A new rod like spring hope
Casts effortlessly I do not dang it
Downstream wind upstream anchor ouch
Fish pea brained laugh
Someday I'll get it Jedi dream

By way of explanation.  A new rod arrived from Bob Meiser this week.  Yesterday, Jo and I attended a spey clinic on the Missouri.  Thanks to John Arnold and Headhunters.  Inspiration from Lydia at Writerquake.  My attempt at haiku, or rather, senryu.  My apologies to the Japanese people.