Kongakut River Journal - Day Six

No photos today.

Wind died down.  Woke to fog.  Not quite as cold as previous morning.

Started water for coffee.  It takes a while for the MSR stove to boil a big pot of water.  Lid to food barrel is a real stinker to get back on.  Jumped back into sleeping bag to warm up.

Coffee done, got settled in under fly with a cup.  Watched griz feed across river.  Looks like same bear from day before.

Moving day today.  Should be shorter float.  Less than twenty miles to takeout.  Still have two layover camps  to make.

Turned out to be a relatively short day on the river.

Mario found an entire skin of a large racked caribou bull submerged in the river.  Antlers were still in velvet.  Could see tooth marks on neck area of hide.  Lower legs still attached.  Welcome to the food chain.

New camp had nice spot for cook area.  My tent site was so-so.  Good sleeping pad helped with the lumps.

Tried to fish but current too fast.  Not much holding water.  Hooked one char but it got off.