Kongakut River Journal - Day Seven

Nice moon last night.  Wind died down and switched to breeze from south out of mountains. Clouds and fog blew out.  Beautiful blue sky morning.

Up early again, didn't want to miss the start of another great day.  Mario made sunflower nut pancakes.

Bear appeared on river bar, swam to our side of river and ran off.

Took a nice hike today.  Comfortable.  Picked and ate blueberries along the way.

Found some excavation activity by the local griz.  They go to a lot of work just to dig up a ground squirrel.

Windy on top, great views though.  Backed off to get out of wind to enjoy lunch and bask in the sun. Bagels, lox and cream cheese.

Got back to camp early enough to take a bath in nearby shallow puddle.  Rest of crew lounged around camp, relaxed and read.