Kongakut River Journal - Day Three

Group went for a hike today.  Lunched along the way, then pushed on higher along ridgeline. Everybody made it.  Got up to 3500 feet or so.  Not quite to top, great views nonetheless.    North Slope is perfect for hiking and cross country travel.  Henrik and I took group photos.

Kathleen serves up a wrap - don't know what it was but it sure tasted good

the crew - Cheyne, Kathleen, Patrice (standing l-r)
me, Mario, Brent, Shelley, Henrik (kneeling l-r)

Crew started back.  I hung back admiring the scenery.  Took a few more photos. Encountered a little shower on the way down.  Not enough to get wet.

Enormous piles of enormous bear poop in river bottom brush not far from camp.  Hmmm….didn't notice it earlier.

Bunch of sheep ran through camp when we got back.  Ewes, lambs, a couple of sickle horned rams. Ran up and bedded in cliffs above camp.  Earlier in the day, raft with guide (?) and hunter floated by with nice set of ram horns lashed to top of gear.  

Still early.  Went upriver.  Crew wanted fish for dinner.  Kept two.  Both turned out to be female char full of roe.  Mario said it was good to eat.  Really?  Several of us tried it.  Surprisingly it had little taste.  Not fishy at all.  Mario prepared the fish.  Excellent.

Mario the fish cooker

More fly casting instruction after dinner.  Henrik first.  Then Brent and Patrice.  No body parts were pierced.  A couple of grayling were caught and gently released.