Brook Trout Heaven

Here's a sight to gladden the heart of any trout fisherman, especially a brook trout fan.   Hundreds of trout rising on a calm mountain lake.  In clicking my way around the blogosphere, it's apparent that there are many ardent brook trout anglers.    Here in Montana, brookies don't get much love.  Indeed, in many locales, they are considered vermin.  They were introduced with good intentions, while trying to create fisheries in places that were formerly barren.  The most notable place is in the Beartooth Mountains where they were packed in on horseback, in milk cans.  Naturally aggressive, and able to pioneer new water readily, they spread quickly.  Any interconnected lake trickle served as a conduit for fish movement.  A good convenient means of getting fish into new water cheaply.  But not so hot when one considers the aggressive nature of these little guys, with little being the operative word. Brook trout breed prolifically, overpopulate, and eat themselves out of house and home. The result is lots and lots of really small fish.  Six inchers are average, eight is pretty good, anything bigger qualifies as a monster.

Still, I can't help but think that fish that are taken for granted here in the Rockies, would be a source of much joy for our more appreciative Eastern fly fisherman.  For all who eagerly and actively pursue these lovely little trout, enjoy….  I smile every time I see this photo.  Hundreds of eager trout… just waiting to be caught… in July, when the ice finally melts.


  1. Brook trout in their native east are struggling to survive; brookies out west are taking over the trout waters in some cases... All goes to show how tightly interwoven our ecosystems are, and what can happen when something gets out of whack.

  2. Can't add much more Walt. It would sure be nice if they were cutthroats instead. But they're not. We'll have to be content to catch lots of pretty little fish that willingly take a fly amidst some incredible scenery.


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