Little Hut on the Spring Creek

One of my favorite pastimes is visiting DePuy Spring Creek in the Paradise Valley of Montana. Catching a break in the weather, when the daytime temperatures warm enough to fish, goes a long way in breaking the monotony of winter.  When cabin fever starts to set in, I eagerly watch the weather forecast, hoping for a forty degree day.  Better yet, I hope for a day without a forty mile an hour wind.

The daily ritual usually begins with my arriving at the creek early, usually too early to fish comfortably. I'll build a fire in the wood stove, knowing full well that I'll be back in short order to thaw frozen fingers, or to untangle a snarled hand tied leader that has acquired a few extra knots.  I'll pour a cup of coffee, maybe tie on some new tippet.  I'll kick back, look out the window, and admire the view of the  Absaroka Mountains.  After sufficient dawdling, I'll head back out.  Maybe, just maybe, there will be a midge hatch.  Rising trout will dimple the surface.  I'll dispense with the dropper rig and cast a simple single midge pattern.  A fish will swirl and all will be right again.

This winter has been a bit more trying, family loss has kept me away.  But, the creek waits patiently. I'll be back.

Merry Christmas to all.


  1. Sounds like a great experience.
    I'll have to one or two days on one of those private streams in Paradise Valley one day.

    1. It really is a great experience, even when the fishing is slow. Caught a few nice hours on the creek one morning last week without wind. Nice.

      Thanks for checking in.


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