Depuy's Morning

One morning last week I took a break from the daily grind and drove over the hill to Depuy's Spring Creek.  It's a beautiful piece of water and a wonderful place to spend a few hours casting to and being outwitted by the local trout population.  In an effort to increase my meager fishing skills I've purchased a winter pass the previous couple of years that grants access to the creek.  It gives me something to look forward to on those occasional nice winter days that warm enough to fish.

The creek is a part of western fly fishing history

There's a path to walk

A place to sit

A bridge to cross

A run to fish

A fish to net

Brown trout on a scud
A brown spotted racer and a scud

On this morning I had a couple of free hours before having to get back to town.  It was good to get out and renew acquaintance with a small section of the creek that has become a special friend.