Steelhead in Grayscale

On a recent outing for steelhead I snapped a few photos of the evening fishing activities.  The clouds had moved in and brought some much welcomed showers.  The lower flatter light created a subdued, evenly lit, albeit darker backdrop.  Just for grins I did a quick simple grayscale conversion in Lightroom.  I never could get used to taking a color photo and making it into a black and white.  But, as the overall scene already lacked color I figured that I wasn't losing much.  So, here goes.

The fight is on

Dax tails the fish for Dan while Dave watches

Posing with the prize - Dave (left) and Dan

Happiness is catching a fish - and celebrating afterward -- Dan, Dax, Dave (left to right)

A steelhead buck in black and white

Epilogue:  Just before hooking up Dan was ready to call it a day.  At Dax's urging he continued fishing his way into the bucket and was aptly rewarded.  Moral?  Hang in there and fish the sweet spots!