Clearwater Spey Clave

The Clearwater Spey Clave is an annual gathering of spey enthusiasts.  Organized by the Red Shed Fly Shop, it is held along the banks of the Clearwater River at the Lenore, Idaho rest area.  The eighth (2012) installment was held on Saturday, September 29 on a beautiful blue sky day.  It was extremely well attended. The lawn and parking area were packed with vehicles bearing license plates from throughout the Pacific northwest.  Several exhibitors were hawking their various spey wares.  An accomplished group of casters highlighted the day with their riverside casting skills.  The following images are from the morning session.

Spey casters gathered along the riverside to watch the casting demonstrations

To be or not to be, Al Buhr expounds on casting efficiently

Larry Aiuppy covered the importance of the basics

Bruce Kruk and the beginning of a nice loop

Mia Sheppard with a 15 footer

Folks had the opportunity to try out a variety of rods

Some of the exhibitors

Big fly

Just love the color in this banner

Phyllis Diller was here

I liked the arrangement of these Loop reels

A mandatory stop for anyone fishing the Clearwater

Doubtless, a great deal of work goes into planning such an event.  My sincere thanks to all who had a hand in putting this together.  Spey casters and fishers should pencil next years gathering into their calendar.