A Rat for the River Ronde

Don't tell my wife, but I've got a date.  It's with a pretty little thing, lithe with blush cheeks.  Like myself, she's come a long way for this chance meeting.

Actually, I've tied a fly that has a date.  It's the venerable Rusty Rat, hopefully destined for a date with a steelhead in the Grande Ronde River.  Better make that two steelhead, I'm an optimist.

The Rusty Rat is deeply rooted in the annals of Atlantic salmon fishing.  It has graced the kype of many fine fish.  I discovered it while leafing through Atlantic Salmon Magic by Topher Browne who indicated that:

"it's hard to beat  a Rusty Rat for sheer numbers of fish grassed"  

I took a liking to the pattern and decided to tie a few thinking that the steelhead might find it to their liking as well.

A Rusty Rat - my apologies to Roy Angus Thompson and better tied versions

I think a swim is in it's future.  Hopefully it will grace the kype of a Grande Ronde steelhead as well.  And while I don't intend to "grass" any, a little interest from a pretty little thing would be most satisfying.