I'm not sure where this blog thing will go or what it will look like.  I'll keep it simple for now.

I've got many interests.  To borrow from Anthony Bourdain's intro on his show No Reservations....... I hunt, fish, hike and I'm hungry for more.

For many years my outdoor activities were pretty much centered around hunting.  Sheep hunting became a passion.  It was a bad habit, but it forced me to stay in shape and employed.  After all, one must pay for his vices.

Glassing for rams in the Alaska Range

About ten years ago the flame that was my passion for hunting began to flicker.  I knew that I'd eventually get back into flyfishing.  I didn't expect it to come so quickly or completely.  Three years ago I hung up my rifle.

Tying one on
Coincidental to my renewed devotion to flyfishing was a niggling interest in fishing for steelhead.  Another bad habit.  Central Montana doesn't offer the most convenient access to steelhead water, but it is within a days drive.  I fished the Clearwater River in Idaho for the first time in 2006.  Guided by Bryan Miller I caught two in the first couple of hours on a skated fly.  The following day was a repeat, two more on a skated fly.  I fished alone the next year and caught none.  Reality reared its ugly head.  I'm still paying the price for that first years success.  There's no cheating the learning curve.

Bryan Miller with a beautiful Clearwater fish
It took a lifetime to learn how to cast a fly rod.  However, it seems that steelheading eventually leads to fishing with a spey rod.  While I'm not ready to give up my single hander, the spey rod is a new and intriguing challenge.  Back to square zero on the learning curve.

A couple of weeks ago the Yellowstone Angler hosted a spey casting class taught by noted author and caster Topher Browne.  It was immensely worthwhile.  Topher demonstrated the overhead, circle, and double spey casts.  Basic casts for sure, they form a foundation for the novice spey caster.  At least I can hit the water.

Topher demonstrates the circle spey
Where to next?  Right now the back yard beckons.  Can you believe it?  The dogs won't mow the lawn.