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Out of whimsy we have this blog, the Ignorant Angler.  Please note that I avoided the Angling Ignoramus.  That's  different.  We wake each day not knowing what the day will bring.  Sure, we may have plans, but the outcome?  Who knows?  Imagine how boring it would be heading to the river and knowing that you would catch some absurd number of trout on every outing (if it's hundreds, let me know).  Or that you would bag a record book something or passle of birds each time out.  There's wonder and surprise in not knowing.  It's a good thing.

In spite of the fishing connotation of the title, like most other outdoorsman, I have other interests.  There was a time when I hunted avidly, so there may be an an occasional hunting story.  As my wife has a pack of Brittanys, there will be some wingshooting and bird dog stuff.  Then too, I hike a lot in the summer and can still manage to strap on a backpack.  Accounts about forays into the high country will show up here too.  And since I usually pack a camera, some of my accumulated photos will find a home here as well.

So, we awake each morning not knowing something.  Hopefully by days end we will have picked up one more tidbit and added it to our knowledge base.  That's life.  Enjoy!


  1. You and your wife have a beautiful life together!

    1. We have our Wabi-Sabi moments. Thanks for the kind words and inspiration.


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Golden Trout Lakes Dayhike

I've bumped my way up the Portal Creek road a bunch of times over the past forty years.  Each trip reaffirms the fact that the road sucks.  Each rock threatens to jar the fillings out of ones teeth.  I quipped  that James Bond would have loved this road.  His martini would have been extremely well shaken.  Of course he would have thrown his drink all over the ceiling of his vehicle.

The trailhead serves double duty as it's the jumping off place for two trails.  One accesses Windy Pass (a nice hike in it's own right), the other heads off to the Golden Trout Lakes.  Neither trail is terribly difficult.  A fit hiker can probably make it to either destination in an hour or so.  Given the distance and relative ease of hiking, this makes for a nice day or morning hike (for those wanting to beat the heat).  Nearby Eaglehead Mountain and the crest of the Gallatin Range make for nice jaunts for those who choose to base camp at the lake.

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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

I was going to call this piece the "Annual Report", but somehow I didn't think it right.  The title would have been borrowed from a piece that Gene Hill often wrote about his yearly endeavors.

"The annual report is a misnomer.  I don't know what it should be called, since it's a mishmash of glossed-over misadventures, distorted emphasis, selective memory, and a very human inability to face any facts that seem harsh, or unpleasant, or postponable." From "A Listening Walk, and other stories" by Gene Hill" 
So here it is, a few random thoughts about the year past and a few wishes for the next. With all due respect to Gene Hill and his fine writing.

I find ways to visit the spring creek more, yet find myself fishing less.  It's a treasure.  In the short time that I've been preoccupied with this blog, the creek has served as the subject for many posts. Few of the posts dealt with the great fish that I've caught (there have been few…

Madison Brown

Here is a bank sipper from a recent foray to the Madison.  A few caddis were drifting on the surface when I arrived in mid-afternoon.  Not a huge hatch, but enough to get my attention, and that of some fish too.  This fish showed itself.  I missed it, put it down, rested it for a while.  When I returned, it was back, rising, picking off the occasional caddis.  A few drifts later it exploded on my fly.  I might not get a better one this year, at least not on a dry.    
So, what was the fly du jour?  Lately I've taken to tying a variety of parachute type caddis. Anything that might be more visible is just fine for my aging eyes.  They are ties of Mike Lawson's EZ Caddis. You can see him tie the fly here. I've tied pink posted ones, some with white posts, some with a combo of pink and fluorescent yellow, black too.   A tan hackled, orange posted one got this brown.  

And, since a brown trout from the Madison River was the star of this post, I thought it appropriate to includ…