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Come Monday....

An opportunity. The creek books a year or more in advance for the prime dry fly fishing period. There was a last minute cancellation on the spring creek on Monday.  I grabbed it.

It's still PMD time. If they want to show.  By 7:30 a.m. spinners were dancing in the sun.  It took a while for them to start dropping.  Hatch?  So-so.  Actually not much.  I'd heard that it had been inconsistent.
As far as the catching goes, it was no free for all.  By mid-July the fish have been worked over pretty good by a number of credible anglers.     The fish have seen all manner of patterns and presentations, some good and some not so.  I got some nice ones.  Pretty much all rainbows. But, as I said, I had to work for them.  No one pattern was the clear winner. 

I took a break at 1:30 when a squall came through. It was burger time anyway.

I was back creekside in an hour.  The squalls continued to roll through.  It rained and/or hailed, on and off for the rest of the day.  In and out of the car, I'd catch a few, head for cover, repeat.  A rainy afternoon is a welcome July rarity.  The patter of rain on the car roof made for good dozing.

Midges were the stars of the afternoon.  Grudgingly, thankfully, the midge box came back into play.  It's the one hatch that I reliably have some modicum of success.  A small fly dropped near the little dimples yielded some nice trout.  It was a fifty-fifty mix of browns and rainbows.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Satoshi, it looks like you've had some productive days too.

  2. Lester
    When all else fails go to the midges; I assume in a tiny size?? This place sounds like the Sipsey, educated trout, pressured by every fly tied, and relentless casting by skilled anglers. Were you dead drifting the midge. Glad you broke through the pressured water and had success. Thanks for sharing

    1. Twenties and twenty-two's, not too small, I could still see 'em. Short cast, dead drift. Easy compared to the morning PMD session.

  3. Nice work, and beautiful photo of the stream!

    1. Walt, the morning scene is like waking in heaven.


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